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Out of power? The SOS Charger is powered by you. Charge your smartphone, including iPhone, Android or other USB-powered device anywhere. 

Earthquakes, hurricanes, career-changing phone calls... whenever you need a working phone when no power is available, the SOSCharger is your solution. 
Today, we rely heavily on our mobile phones for every day communication. We often forget that these same devices are our lifeline in an emergency. This is why we designed a solution that will bring power to your devices no matter what the world throws at you.
Power. Yourself
The new SOSCharger, the portable self-powered mobile phone charger. 


Why SOSCharger? 

An issue with some hand-crank products on the market is they lack power output for modern smartphones, especially the iPhone. Many current solar solutions also don't collect enough light to work effectively and light is not always available in an emergency. We have a lot of experience with this technology. Our engineers developed a solution that is compatible with every brand of mobile phone and other products utilizing the USB-standard power source. 

The solution? We incorporated a 2,300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery inside the device. 


What Does self-powered mean? 

The SOSCharger features a powerful built-in generator. If you need power just turn the handle; 3-5 minutes of winding gives you 5-12 minutes of talk time.* However, there’s more to it than this.

How Does It Work? 

You can charge the SOSCharger with your standard USB wall charger; the same one that came with your smartphone or Bluetooth device. We include the micro-USB cable. Once the battery is charged, the SOSCharger acts as a backup power source for your USB-powered devices. You can charge your phone, your Bluetooth headset or even your USB-powered fan, simply by plugging in your standard charging cable to the standard USB port on the SOSCharger. This means the SOSCharger works with all modern smartphones, including the iPhone, in addition to iPod, Blackberry and Kindle. 
 If you’re stuck on the train, plane or somewhere that A/C power is not attainable, you can charge your device with your own personal, pocket-sized battery backup solution.



Then there’s the generator part. 

The incorporated hand-crank turbine, utilizes a powerful generator, combined with a long-handle for more leverage and easy turning. If you run out of internal battery power, or you just want to keep the battery topped off, you can turn the handle to charge it up. Just turn the handle and the battery charges. We’ve included an indicator so you know when it’s charging and how much juice you have in the battery. What could be easier?
We designed the SOSCharger to be stylish and elegant, while easy to hold. With its long handle and finger grip, the hand-crank of the SOSCharger is super easy to operate. The location of connectors makes it easy to charge without the cables getting in your way. The indicator lights are visible while you're operating the charger. 


Easy to Use. 

To operate the SOSCharger, simply plug your device into the standard USB power port and turn the power switch on. The SOSCharger's internal battery can be recharged simply by turning the handle, while simultaneously acting as a traditional power pack. Just plug it in to any A/C adapter with USB output to keep it topped off. 

About the size of an iPod Classic, the elegantly shaped SOSCharger feels great in your hand! 

We’ve spent over a year developing this new model, resulting in a product with the best combination of capability, quality and value. The product has been tested extensively and we know it will offer years of reliable backup power support.


Use Examples. 

  • Emergency Preparedness Kits 
  • Camping/Backpacking/Hiking 
  • In the Car - keep one in the glovebox 
  • In the house - plug in a USB light for use as a flashlight 
  • In your computer bag or briefcase - never miss an important call 
  • Vacation suitcase - be prepared for unforeseen events 
  • Power any 5-volt USB device you can imagine (5W or less)

The Backstory. 

Development of this project started many years ago with the first iteration of the SOSCharger. Our goal was to create an entirely new way to charge cell phones off the grid. We had great success with our original self powered charger. Over the years we've learned so much from our experiences, and customer feedback. Through this organic learning process, design improvements have been a constant consideration since the first SOSCharger launched. After many CAD drawings and prototypes, we've developed the best design possible for the next generation SOSCharger. We're confident it is ready for production and with the feedback we received from experts at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, we know it's ready for you! 
* Results may vary depending on your phone’s consumption and cellular network demand.



Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery
Capacity: 2,300mAh 
Output: 5v 1A USB Standard 
Input: 5v USB Standard (up to 2.1 amp) 


Weight: Approximately 7 ounces 
Length: 4.5" or 11.5 cm 
Width: 1.25" or 3 cm
Height: 2.25" or 5.8 cm 

Included accessories

USB cable for charging and powering, Micro-fiber storage pouch, and instructions. 


*iPhone and iPod Classic are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc., no endorsement is implied.
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